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Get to know us!

At the Brdo Piva restaurant, our team is dedicated to preparing top quality food, providing quality service and creating a beautiful ambient. The team is made up of old friends and family, who contribute to the daily development of the restaurant while creating a warm atmosphere.

The restaurant was established in 2014 with the idea of ​​being a pub where all guests will enjoy a variety of beers with which they will be able to eat something along the way. In the end, the influence of guests led to Brdo Piva growing into a real restaurant with a wide range of food where draft beer options are plenty, which makes our restaurant unique.

A wide range of beers and variety homemade gourmet food are at your disposal. Krombacher, Carlsberg, Paulaner are just some of the draft beers waiting for you. Our specialties are Novi Pazar kebabs, as well as other grilled wonders, including roasted specialties. On Wednesdays, the specialty is cooked beans, on Thursdays we are offering offal, fish on Fridays, and on weekends, roast that you will not be able to resist!

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