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About the menu

On the drinks menu, we offer draft beers such as wheat and lager Paulaner, Krombacher, Carlsberg, Cyberpunk craft, as well as domestic lagers Nektar, Lav, and Nikšićko. Many different bottled beers can be ordered as well, the best of which are 3 kinds of the German Hacker-Pschorr brand. The wine selection consists of draft white and red Radovanović, as well as bottles from the cellars of companies Aleksandrović, Radovanović, Tikveš, and Rubin. All usual sodas and juices are also on our drinks menu, as well as the well-known Austrian Julius Meinl coffee.

Our best food comes from the grill and you will not be able to make the wrong choice. We are especially proud of our ground beef, which means kebabs and burgers, that go perfectly with a homemade native side called Kaymak. Gourmet dishes that you cannot miss if they are offered on the day are veal roasted in a clay pot and pig knees roasted in black beer.


A large choice of side salads is also offered, as well as french fries, beans, potato wedges, goat, and "sjenicki" cheese. We have the best homemade bread and a short list of high-quality desserts. Our choice is the plum pie, rare but a very good dessert.

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